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Linda and Wubet

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Small churches thrive on groups that collect people together in all sorts of different ways. It's how we get to know each other, and come to care about each other. We nurture community by gathering for fun, for study, for prayer and for outreach.



Ash Wed 2016

One-off events

Our church year is full of one-off activites like dinners, bus trips, special services and landscaping parties. We make pies together, auction off our men's baking to send kids to camp, and celebrate important occasions. We have fun together when everyone pitches in.

On-going Groups

Fall Colours Boat Cruise small

We also have a number of on-groups that meet regularly. Study groups, women's groups, and commities that help organize our events. There's all sorts of ways to get involved.


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Social Sisters Button

a monthly group for younger women

Special Events Button

programs planned by our Congregational Life Committee

Study Groups Button

one-off and monthly groups to deepen faith

United Church Women Button

our women's group affiliated with the National United Church Women of The United Church of Canada