Wedding Policies1

We're delighted that you've chosen to celebrate this special day with us. Here's a description of the way things work around here, so that you'll feel comfortable with the process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the Church Office, 416 783-0879.


wedding cake

Please contact the church administrator at the Church Office 416 783-0879  to book the time and date of your wedding. Angelo will be pleased to show you around the church, and to answer any questions you might have about holding your ceremony here. Bookings will be confirmed upon payment of a $100 non-refundable deposit.

A number of people will assist in making your wedding special. These people all are offering their time over and above their normal work-week, and therefore we expect them to be compensated for their time. Please bring them cash, in separately marked envelopes, and give these to the minister at the rehearsal.

Minister $250
Organist $200
Sexton  $75
Church  $150 (in addition to the $100 deposit paid earlier)

The minister will most likely meet with you twice -- once to outline options for your ceremony, and a second time to confirm the arrangements, and to get to know you a little. The first meeting will happen a month or two before your ceremony.
We don't require couples to take a pre-marriage course, but we do recommend it highly. Information on courses offered in the neighbourhood is available from the Church Office.

Photographers and videographers are welcome to film the ceremony. We do request that they use only available light. Flash may be used for the processional and recessional only. Otherwise, the minister is willing to remain behind afterwards to re-stage the ceremony for pictures.

The Sexton will open the church 1 hour prior to your wedding. You are welcome to have your florist deliver flowers then, or to do some decorating. Please respect the wood finish in our sanctuary and avoid using nails or tape to fasten your decorations. Please also make arrangements for someone to remove your decorations immediately following the service.

Please save your confetti for someplace off-site where our cleaning staff don't have to pick it up!

The church parking lot is available on weekends, but during the week the lot is rented to monthly parkers. There is some limited on-street parking, and a municipal parking lot a block west on Eglinton.

Normally we schedule a rehearsal a day or two before the wedding. It's important that the bride and groom, and as many of the attendants as possible attend. The time for the rehearsal will be set at your first meeting with the minister.

Sometimes we get requests for a different minister or a different musician to be involved in the service. It's usually just fine to bring your own musicians, but our Music Director has the final say on this. Other ministers are welcome to assist at a wedding service, but the minister of our congregation must always be presiding.

Sometimes couples request a wedding in a garden or park. The minister is willing to consider each request. Normally the minister's honorarium for an off-site service is $300, or more if there is extensive travelling involved.