Make your Wedding Day Special at Forest Hill UC


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A Historic Setting in North Toronto

FOREST HILL UNITED CHURCH was built in 1940. As the clouds of the Second World War loomed over Europe, people in this part of North Toronto longed for something to hope in. We built this church to declare the power of love over hatred, the power of justice over tyranny, and the power of God to transform the world even in the darkest times.

Today the church boasts a lively congregation which is as multi-cultural as Toronto. Among our members are people whose families have lived in Canada for generations, and people who have come recently from Asia, from the Carribean, and from Africa. The mix works wonderfully, and reminds us of how God’s love can join two people – or two cultures – to create something brand new.

If you're looking for a place that understands your unique family needs, consider celebrating your marriage in our Sanctuary.



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Our Minister

Rev. Steve Fetter joined us in November 2002. He is a graduate of Vancouver School of Theology, and was ordained in 1987.

Steve likes worship in both traditional and contemporary styles. His weddings are dignified without being stilted, respectful without being cold.  His warm presence ma kes everyone feel welcome.

Normally Steve meets twice with each wedding couple. In the first meeting he will explore options with you, and help you consider ways to make your wedding reflect your unique relationship.

He’ll get together with you again to finalize the details, decide which options to choose, and prepare for the rehearsal.



Music is essential to a good wedding. Our Music Director plays a 2-manual Casavant Organ, and may also play the piano. The music begins about 10 minutes before the wedding is scheduled to begin, in order to set the mood. There’s also special music for the Entrance, the Recessional, and the signing of the Register.  Wedding couples are invited to contact the organist prior to their wedding with any special requests for music.

Some couples have friends who are musicians, and who want to participate in the service. We’ve welcomed soloists, instrumentalists, small ensembles (such as string quartets), in a variety of styles. While it’s important to us that the music in a worship service reflects our church setting, we also want the service to reflect the variety of traditions that you may bring with you.

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Our cozy Sanctuary holds just over 200 people. Parking for 18 cars is available in the church lot on evenings & weekends, and there is on-street parking and a municipal lot nearby.

wedding brideWeddings generally take about half an hour. The church will be open an hour before the wedding begins so that you or your friends can decorate. If you wish, you can stay afterwards for a short while to take pictures, or take advantage of our beautiful grounds to shoot your pictures outside.

We hope to provide a rich intimate setting for your special day.

If you have  questions, please feel free to contact our secretary, Janet, at the Church Office, 416 783-0879