forest hill united church

an intercultural Christian community


2 Wembley Road, Toronto           one block north of Eglinton at Bathurst Street

Join us for Worship on Sundays at 11:00 am

and online Tuesday - Thursday at 6:00 pm

Room Rental Request


Some of the church's rooms are available for meetings and parties.
Please use this page to submit a booking request;
one of our staff or volunteers will be in touch to confirm the details during business hours Tuesday - Friday.

If you have further questions about how this works, or if you'd like to arrange a tour of the premises, please contact us through the Church Office at


Please be aware that the church is fully booked on Sundays, from 9am to 9pm


If you're interested in a longer term rental, most of the terms and conditions are the same. Please write us an email to discuss your options.


Terms and Conditions



The Space may only be used by you and the people you invite to use the Space.  You are responsible for the activities of the people you invite into the Space.  You must make sure your guests behave in an appropriate manner.


The rental fee for each use of the Space is $60.00 per hour (the “Rental Fee”).  The Rental Fee must be paid prior to each use of the Space.  The Rental Fee covers the use of the Space for the dates and times specified only. This is the full extent of the rental service, unless otherwise noted in this agreement.


After you submit this form, a member of the church staff will confirm details with you, and invite you to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the space. The space will not be reserved until the deposit has been paid. The balance of the rental fee is due two weeks prior to the event. Payment can be made by Interac email transfer to

Payment of the deposit indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions in this contract.


A custodial staff member will be in attendance to cover issues of safety and convenience.


Basic cleaning costs are included in the Rental Fee.  The Church will complete the cleaning of the Space after your use of the Space.  You must leave the Space in the same state as the Space was in at the time your use of the Space commences.  The cleaning you must complete includes, without limitation, returning the furniture to the original location and placing garbage and recyclables in appropriate containers.  If the kitchen is used the counters must be cleared and wiped clean.  The property chair of the Church, in his sole discretion, will determine if you have failed to return the Space to its original condition.

You agree to reimburse the Church for excessive cleaning costs or repair costs arising from your use of the Space. The Church will not be responsible for any items it removes and will either donate the materials to a charity (which may include the Church) or place the materials in the garbage.


No items may be attached to walls or ceilings of the Space.


On weekends there may be some spaces available in the parking lot, but this is not guaranteed. You acknowledge and agree that your guests shall only park in the designated parking spaces within the parking lot. Cars shall not be parked in a manner that blocks other parked cars, the garbage bin in the parking lot, or the parking lot entrance in any way. You are responsible for ensuring your guests are informed of the rules regarding parking lot use and will advise your guests to move their cars if parked improperly or at the direction of Church employees.


Neither smoking nor drinking are permitted in any part of the Church building.


Those renting the Friendship Hall are welcome to use the church's tables and chairs, which are stored in a nearby storage room. You are responsible for setting up the room yourself, and for putting away all the furniture after your event.


By signing this agreement, you hereby indemnify and save Forest Hill United Church, its employees and agents harmless against and from all claims, demands and loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Space and facilities by the User or the User’s invitees or guests, or arising out of the actions of persons attending an event sponsored by the User. While the Church believes that the building and means of access thereto are and will be in a good and safe condition, as between it and the User, the latter accepts all liability for injury and loss to persons using the premises, and without limitation, injury to persons arising from any accident during inclement weather.


You agree that in the case of a power outage that lasts longer than 15 (fifteen) minutes you and your guests will immediately evacuate the building with no re-entry. This requirement is to ensure that all persons are out of the building in a safe orderly fashion and will leave the premises and parking lot so it is clear for emergency vehicles. The User and guests and all vehicles cannot block, delay or impede access to the property for emergency vehicles. The rental fee is non-refundable in case of power outage or emergency.


You agree that any notices the Church is required to give under this agreement will be sent to the person and address noted below.  Notices can be given by mail or by e-mail



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