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2 Wembley Road, Toronto           one block north of Eglinton at Bathurst Street

Children are an important part of our church!

image017The main objective of our children's programming is to help children to know that they are loved unconditionally by God, and to learn the way of living taught by Jesus. We try to support each child with opportunities to learn and grow into caring, confident youth and adults.



Children in Worship

Children are welcomed at every church service. To begin, they can sit with their parents where they can draw and colour as they listen. Sometimes you'll find them greeting at the front door, reading a lesson, or taking up collection.

There's also a rocking chair at the back of the church. for toddlers and their parents to enjoy!

During Children's Time, they gather at the front for a story or discussion with the Minister, after which they go out to Sunday SchoolDSCN0892


Toddler Care

For the really little kids (under 4) we provide Nursery Care that starts right at the beginning of the service. Our caregiver Angela is ECE trained, and she's delighted to care for your kids during the worship service. If we get too many at once, she has helpers too!


Children in Church School

Our Sunday School program is designed for kids from 5 - 12. Ann Fraser, our Church School teacher, is trained as specialist in Early Childhood Education, and she loves to spend time with the kids reading stories, making crafts, and learning about Jesus and the love of God. We use the Whole People of God church school curriculum, which means that the lessons that the kids study are the same as the ones we reflect on during the worship service. We hope that means that parents and kids have lots to talk about over lunch.


Wonderland trip scaledYouth Group

For kids 12 and up, we offer a Youth Group. The program kicks off with a sleep-over at the church in mid-October, and will be followed by every-other-week activities on Sunday afternoons. This summer's favourite trip was to Wonderland -- but they've also been involved in region wide over night retreats, and there's a new monthly program starting up in the Fall 2016 to connect youth of several churches together. Stay tuned for more details!


Special EventsIMG 7386

Throughout the year there are church services and events led by, or for, children. They've introduced us to the UN Rights of the Child, and helped us think about making our church "greener." Santa Claus comes to our annual Christmas Dinner, and kids are involoved in Pancake Tuesday, the Easter Luncheon, and the Outdoor Service.